Thursday, July 21, 2011

Freelancing For Polymancer (Special DiceCast episode)

This special audio segment is about freelance writing for the Polymancer family of publications; including but not limited to: Polygraff™; Polymancer magazine; Paladin; Bayonets, Spears & Blasters; as well as full-length novels; and non-fiction books about topics relating to the gaming hobby and non-gaming topics as well.

Please note that Polymancer Studios's submission guidelines are subject to change. Detailed, updated information may be obtained by writing to

DO NOT SEND UNSOLICITED MANUSCRIPTS! This means that if you have a written work (whether or not it is complete) that you wish to submit for consideration for publication, do not e-mail it to us without sending us an e-mail in which you first ask if we are interested in reviewing it for consideration of publication.

All writers whose works are published by Polymancer Studios, Inc. are paid. Please note that no publication occurs unless and until a written contract is signed between the writer and the publisher.

Further information can be obtained at the following links:

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