Monday, December 7, 2009

DiceCast™ Episode 6: An interview with Jess Hartley

In this episode, we interview renown RPG writer Jess Hartley, famous for her work with White Wolf. Jess discusses the role played by women in horror writing, freelancing, and her career in general.

We met up with Jess Hartley at FanExpo Canada in late August 2009. Please note that this is a live field recording of an interview done on location. Throughout the interview, you will hear such genuine convention sounds as an announcer on a loudspeaker instructing attendees to head tot he exit at closing time. While the sound quality is not up to studio standards, the atmosphere and the content of the interview itself make for an authentic and informative listening experience.


  • Jess Hartley's web site, includes a complete bibliography, updates about her current projects, and her "One Geek to Another" advice column.
  • FanExpo Canada is a major convention, an annual multimedia event for fans of science fiction, horror, comic books, gaming, and many other fun things. it is held every August in Toronto, Canada.

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