Tuesday, December 15, 2009

DiceCast™ Episode 7: An interview with Adam Jury

Adam Jury is the head of Media Design and Production at Catalyst Game Labs, publisher of Shadowrun™, Classic Battletech™, Cthulhutech™, and other fine products. He shares an insider's view on how things work behind the scenes at a successful game company. Adam Jury also shares some very helpful tips on how an aspiring freelance writer or artist can break into the industry.

We are introduced to Catalyst's newest offering, the RPG setting Eclipse Phase™. This sci fi setting allows players to play multiple characters and brings cyberwear and space travel to a new level. Rather than say too much here, we'll let Adam Jury explain more about Eclipse Phase in the 'cast.

Like last episode's interview with Jess Hartley, this interview was recorded on location at FanExpo Canada 2009. The sound quality reflects this, and parts of the interview are interrupted by the booming voice of an announcer who exhorts the convention attendees to leave and the exhibitors to reserve their booths for next year. Adam Jury took all this in stride and gave us a lively, informative, and illuminating interview. We decided to leave the extraneous sounds in for an authentic convention experience.


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